luxury skippered yacht charter in Croatia

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We had two evenings relaxing and partying with our fellow. Our boat party as you'll probably have guessed was a pirate party, Laura had a selection of themed clothes which caused it to be simple and it proved to be a night of great times and fun pirate drinking games. The second-party on the boat was trash bag everybody actually got into this and we intoxicated into the evening having several laughs and enjoying games.
Pirate ship was actually something unforgettably particular, being the only tour company to have one; it undoubtedly made you stand out in the rest of the boats you was a real highlight of the trip and take charter in. Additionally, it made lots of difference having all the chambers above deck (fresh atmosphere) as well as having something maybe not several tour firms have a private toilet,. The tour and crew leader were great, the food was incredible, the level of areas we went all-in that amount of time, the tasks we did and information we got was awesome. large yacht charter croatia